Retouch your photos and test out virtual makeup styles


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Perfect365 is an image-retouching application that you can use to apply all sorts of professional edits to substantially improve your photos.

When you open an image in the program for the first time, the program will give you two options to choose between. The first is to select one of the predefined makeup styles included in the program, and the second is to leave the photo with no filter, and retouch it yourself from scratch.

There is a wide variety of effects to choose from. You can play with face, nose, and cheek thickness, makeup foundation, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lipstick, among many others.

Retouch your photos however you like, or see what you would look like with a certain eyeshadow style that you've always wanted to try.

The final result will have a watermark.

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